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New Kiwi X Nathalie Lecoultre clothing collection

New Kiwi X Nathalie Lecoultre clothing collection

This summer's cool collab: a long-time fan of the brand, Nathalie Lecoultre is a jack-of-all-trades bursting with energy and creativity. A TV series producer, photographer, decorating enthusiast and film stylist, she is also an aficionado of Saint-Tropez, where she spends all her free time with her husband Jean-Luc Reichmann, presenter on TF1.

This unprecedented collaboration fuses the timeless elegance of Kiwi Saint-Tropez with the avant-garde creativity of Nathalie Lecoultre, who has added a touch of audacity to each design, creating a capsule of 12 very Rock & Love models.

When rock meets Côte d'Azur

This collection is a bold tribute to the unexpected harmony between a passion for rock and a love for the coastal charm of Saint Tropez. Nathalie Lecoultre, an unconditional fan of the town, has succeeded in capturing the free spirit of rock while preserving the warm, intoxicating essence of Saint Tropez. Each garment in this collection tells a unique story that celebrates individuality and love for this iconic city.

Unique creations for Rock&Love souls

From t-shirts and clutches to silk scarves with rock motifs, each piece combines the charm of rock with the casual elegance of the Mediterranean coast. The bold patterns and carefully chosen details reflect both rock's rebellious personality and Nathalie's passionate love of Saint-Tropez.

Availability and commitment

The Kiwi Saint-Tropez collection in collaboration with Nathalie Lecoultre is available on our website and in all our boutiques. Kiwi Saint-Tropez's commitment to excellence is reflected in its high-quality materials and impeccable cuts.


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